Matthew Krieger, CPA


Having three kids has taught me patience, persistence, and perseverance. Whether it is playing football or princess, I love the journey! Just like clients, I am so greatful to get to watch my three kiddos grow and can't wait to see what they will learn next.


I have been a certified public accountant and have worked at both a large regional firm and smaller local firm. At both stops, I audited and consulting with hundreds of small businesses.


When I attended a party my sophomore year of college at the University of South Dakota, little did I know that I would be meeting my future wife. Kristen and I have been together for almost 20 years and she continues to support whatever crazy endeavors I pursue.

Small Business Owner

I own multiple locations of a family entertainment franchise business. I know the joys and burdens first hand of being a small business and franchise owner.

Excel Nerd

I am a self admitted, Excel junkie. Yep, I even use it for "fun". Whether it is to make complex spreadsheets or a fantasy baseball cheat sheet, I am an Excel nerd.


I love to travel with my family. For me, one of the most enjoyable things to do is introduce my kids to new experiences. Whether it is a weekend in the mountains or spring break in Mexico, I love spending time traveling with my family.


I have been coaching youth sports for 15 years. I have moved on from coaching high school baseball to my kid's flag football. While we have competed in many Super Bowls, we're still looking for our first championship.

Financial Guru

I have been fortunate to have a unique combination experiences including owning my own small business, being a CPA, and working with multiple small businesses. This has given me the opportunity to learn so much to help businesses grow their revenue and profitability.

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