Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping Services

CFO Services & Enhanced Bookkeeping for Franchises, Manufacturers, and Service Providers

What is a Virtual CFO or Bookkeeper?

The cost of hiring a full-time accounting team is too much for small and medium business owners. A full-time CFO salary often starts at $150,000 per year, not including vacation, bonuses, and other benefits. A full-time bookkeeper, while much less, doesn’t provide the support needed. Small business accounting is an on-going problem for business owners. Virtual CFO services can provide business forecasting, company-wide KPIs, monthly meetings and reporting, and more, all at a fraction of a full-time CFO cost. We don’t just stop there…with our virtual bookkeeping services, we can outsource your entire accounting cycle and finance team. Our average package costs $20,000 per year.


Franchise Brands

One of the keys to franchise development and growth is a robust financial model and plan. We know franchising because we were a franchisor. Now our virtual CFO services help franchisors gain control of their future.


Manufacturers must make significant cash outlays manufacturers must make for labor and product before ever making a sale. What does a CFO do for manufacturers? Control costs, project cash flow and provide financial clarity.


Retailers must manage cash flow and inventory levels. Without forecasting and sales strategies, it is impossible to have consistency in cash flow. By pairing virtual CFO service with bookkeeping, we can give owners complete clarity.


I would 100% hire Krieger Analytics and Matt as a CPA. They are honest, intelligent, diligent, and hard-working. Matt has a strength in character you rarely see. Hiring Matt and his team for my business was something I wish I would have done years ago. He brings a high level of skill and enterprise-level experience with a keen ability to apply that towards small to medium-sized businesses.

Tymothe Meskal

CEO, Big Shot Bikes

Krieger Analytics just gets it. For the past few years they has provided valuable insights and consistent books for our business. I would recommend their consultancy services for any small and medium size business who is looking for clarity around their financial position.

Mike Fogarty

CEO, Choice Market

Matt and Krieger Analytics are an invaluable advisor, virtual CFO, and financial strategist for our business. We have worked together directly on mission-critical financial projects and models to guide our business decisions and strategy. Matt’s skills in active listening and analysis help him create to comprehend our projects efficiently then create financial frameworks that frame our work then enable success. We have also referred Matt to several clients. Rock-solid outcomes.

Drew Kallestad

CEO, Agility Inovation Parterners

How do Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping Services Work?

Our Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping services partner provide you with a dedicated and experience team of CPAs and accounting professionals who will work with you to help guide your business to success. Our service includes more than just basic bookkeeping and accounting; we provide comprehensive financial reporting, forecasting and a proven strategy process for our clients, ultimately providing the financial clarity business owners need.

We help our clients on all things finance, whether that means helping you project your cash balance or tax planning so they don’t have any surprises at the end of the year!

We provide Virtual CFO Services for franchise brands, manufacturers (from food to ear tags), and retail businesses. If your business is growing business and you could use the help of a Virtual CFO, our service is a perfect fit.

Our Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping Services outsource your accounting and finance team at an affordable fixed cost!

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Krieger Analytics is a virtual CPA firm with consulting approach to accounting. We provide professional Virtual CFO Services and bookkeeping for companies all over the United States — many of which are remote companies as well. We fully understand the accounting, bookkeeping, cash flow management, and business tax nuances that come with being distributed, and we love helping our clients overcome these challenges through our own experience and expertise. We bring a different approach since we have owned businesses before so we know the concern of the small to medium sized business owner.