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Think of the advantage you would have over your competitors if you had a well planned out strategy that you were executing on. What if you had a outsourced CFO that could help sales prospects and customers see the value you bring? How powerful would it be if you had reporting and a KPI scorecard that helped drive decisions? What if you had data to help drive growth and profitability?

With Krieger Analytics, I bring this value to my clients because not only do I have a background in finance & accounting....I have been the owner of a small business and franchise brand.

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An Outsourced CFO Solution for Small Business Owners and Franchise Companies

As a small business owner myself, I can guess what your thoughts are as your head hits the pillow at night.  Most of your thoughts go to money…”don’t forget to send that bill”, “I need to move money for payroll”, “How much was that invoice for again?”.  At Krieger Analytics, one of our goals is to help you sleep better at night by helping you taking on some of the burden of growth and profitability.  I provide outsourced CFO solutions for small business owners and franchise companies.  These solutions are specifically geared towards owners who are looking to increase growth and profitability.  I listen to your goals to come up with accounting, finance, and strategy solutions to help your small business or franchise company achieve them.

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