When I took over at Monkey Bizness in December 2015, I had one question, “How many times does the average customer come into our stores?”. I repeated this question to our employees, store owners, and marketing team and no one could give me an answer. From Day One, I was on a mission to “build a better customer.” I figured if I could increase customer frequency, I would both increase revenue and save on marketing dollars (it’s true…obtaining a new customer does cost a lot of money).

After months of not being able to answer this question, I embarked on a mission to obtain a software system that would enable us to understand our customers better. Despite many great off the shelf systems, none met my criteria. That is when Monkey Bizness took the step to build a system of our own. With this system, our owners could see real-time data, market to our customers, obtain waivers from them, and view store analytics.

Today, the system we partnered to create, Return Visit, is integral to our business. We now fully understand how often our customers come in, how far they come from, and the levers we can pull to increase our revenues. Further, we use this data to help future franchisees find better locations, and we now have a much better understanding of our territories. This system has changed our business in so many ways and enabled us to be smarter about our everyday decisions.

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